Concert tees go beyond being a simple t-shirt. A fan can wear it as a personal statement. Collectors can use it to tell a story through their collection. Both of these are great reasons to collect concert shirts. Contrary to people who just wear concert shirts because they like it.

T-shirts for band tours are very popular. This is because Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner were seen wearing vintage rock tees back in 2016. The audience pre-2016 was dominated by dedicated collectors and band fans.

What is the Real Value of a Concert T-Shirt?

There are three factors that determine tour shirts’ value, beyond their age, authenticity, or condition. They can be a limited-run concert shirt (promotional, not mass-produced), a specific historic tour the band was/is on, or if there is a significant event in the history of the band that was/is related to that tour.

This can be done for any band from the past decade to help you future-proof your collection. If you don’t like modern music tees then garage sales, estate clearances and thrift shops are the best places to search (apart from paying dealer prices).

You can’t buy happiness or love with money. But it can get you a vintage concert shirt. Some of them are quite expensive. You can spend thousands on some of the most desirable concert t-shirts available today. Although you might feel like you are spending a lot on a concert t-shirt, it is nothing compared to the ones we will show you.

5 Expensive and Rare Concert Tees

Here are the top 5 most expensive and rare concert tees currently on the market. Some have recently cropped up in various London auction houses.

Nirvana (1993) – $7,000

Nirvana 1993 Tour T-Shirt

The crew member’s 93 Nirvana Utero Tour’s one and only t-shirt is worth a remarkable price.$7,000.

Led Zeppelin (1973) – $7.500

Led Zepplin (1979) Knebworth Park concert tee

Led Zepplin T-shirts are big business. Fans often spend a lot to purchase specific merchandise.

The 1979 Knebworth Park concert shirt that doubled as a backstage pass was worth about £200$7,500.

The Rolling Stones (1976) – $9,000

The Rolling Stones at Knebworth Park

This promo tee-shirt was given to only family members, friends, and crew members during the Rolling Stones Knebworth Park show in UK.

It is now well worth the investment.$9,000. Alternative versions with smaller graphics are available for between $900 and $1,000 each.

Run D.M.C. (1980s) – $13,000

Run DMC Adidas 80’s Promo Tshirt

This 80s promo t-shirt is worth an incredible price – $13,000. The combination of Adidas and Rap legends Run D.M.C is a powerful mix.

The Beatles (1970s) – $20,000

1966 Beatles Butcher Album Cover t-shirt

The Beatles 1966 Yesterday and Today Album Artwork was controversial

It featured the fab four covered with bloody meat and dismembered dolls.

Today, the vinyl record is extremely valuable. This concert t-shirt featuring the same artwork is worth an incredible $20,000 (Though this tee is also believed to have been a gift from John Lennon.

Now is the time to go through your mom’s, dad’s, uncles, aunts, or any other family member who survived the ’70s or 80’s.