I think it’s safe to say that the martini appeals to almost everyone. Gin, or vodka – there are many ways to make a martini differently. Popularised in the 1800s, the martini has maintained its popularity amongst bar hoppers. With the recently viral espresso martini from Tik Tok, get ready to explore the other martini specialties to try on your next visit to a bar. 

The Basic Martini – Dirty Martini

One of the most common types of the martini is the dirty martini. Made with gin, vermouth, and with a hint of olive juice. This type of martini has a slight olive-y taste which isn’t for everyone. But if you like olives, you will swear by this martini! 

The Vodka Martini 

Although traditionally made with gin, it can also be made with vodka. The gin gives the martini a herbal, floral taste to the martini whilst vodka gives the martini a smooth, modern taste. Gin or vodka – it boils down to preference. 

Absinthe Minded Martini

From the name itself, you can tell that this is a strong one. Absinthe is a strong alcohol with a complicated history – with reports of hallucination if over consumed. Depending on which type you get, potency can range from 45%-74% alcohol content by volume. Nevertheless, it makes a good martini! 

Breakfast Martini

This is the perfect martini for a day drink on holiday. Who said you can’t have a cocktail at 9am? This martini gets its name from the use of orange juice, and orange liquor used in the mix. This gives the cocktail a breakfast juice taste that serves well with a full English breakfast. 

Cosmopolitan Martini 

If you’ve seen Sex and The City, you definitely know this version of the martini. This martini is sweeter than others from the splash of cranberry juice. This cocktail is light, fruity, and smooth as it’s made with vodka. 

Martian Martini 

This martini gets its name from the green colour that comes from the melon liqueur added to this drink. Like the cosmopolitan, this is another sweet martini option to request. Like the colour, the sweetness comes from the hint of melon liqueur added to the mix. 

Milky Way Martini 

This version of the martini is a little different from others. Unlike other martinis, the milky way martini has a creamy texture from the Irish cream added to the mix. Together with a splash of chocolate vodka, this cocktail tastes like alcoholic chocolate milk. 

Mint Martini 

Looking for a refreshing martini for a sunny day? The mint martini is a refreshing version of the famed martini. Made with a dash of creme de menthe, this cocktail is the perfect refresher with a little edge. 

Mocha Martini 

Having a Christmas get together and wondering what to serve? Look no further, as the mocha martini is the perfect Christmas cocktail. Made with coffee liqueur and creme de cacao, this creamy chocolate cocktail replicates a nice cup of hot chocolate – except it’s a bit more fun. 

Espresso Martini 

This cocktail has recently gained popularity due to being viral on Tik Tok. Made with a shot of espresso and a dash of coffee liqueur, this martini is perfect if you need a little boost to jumpstart your night out after a long day. Why have a regular espresso, when you can have one with vodka! 

The martini is one of the most versatile cocktails because of its simple ingredients. Almost anything can be added to the martini to give it a different overall taste. Regardless if you’re looking for something simple, fruity, creamy, or refreshing, there is a martini for everyone.