Festivals will hopefully be back this summer (Download Festival has just taken place), and the main thing on everyone’s lips is not how they’ll stay safe with current restrictions and Covid-19 but ‘how will I sneak in alcohol?’ 

We all know that drinking in a festival is part and parcel of the whole experience but paying for it can often end up costing an arm and a leg, and it’s mostly warm and watered-down. 

There are plenty of ways now to sneak your alcohol into a festival, some more obvious than others (cut out baguette with a vodka bottle inside), but we’re here to help! 

Tips and trick to sneak alcohol into a festival.

You can buy many different items to help with sneaking alcohol into a festival. Here are some of the best along with some cheaper alternatives.

1: Booze bracelets – these are quite chunky and will probably feel quite heavy if they have a bit of alcohol in them. They only hold 3.5oz so not exactly a lot but they come with a funnel to help with pouring the alcohol in and look sturdy and durable. 

Ranging between £6 (Wish) and £11 (Amazon), they are one of the cheaper options. 

2: Paddle brush secret flasks – a good idea if they work. Hiding booze in the handle of a large paddle brush that you can then just put in your bag as normal, and everyone is none the wiser! From around £20 on Amazon

3: Lotion bottles – You can buy fake lotion bottles that will hold your alcohol, but these can be pricey. If you want a good value tip, find a lotion bottle that you’ve nearly used all the lotion of, rinse it out a few times and then you can pour the drink right in. If you don’t feel too confident, put the alcohol in a sandwich bag and then put that into the bottle – just make sure you don’t fill the bag too much or it won’t fit back into the bottle! 

Relatively cheap tip and you get to reuse a bottle. 

4: Wine bags – using the bags you get from those delightful wine boxes, fill them up and then you can deposit them on your person accordingly to create a squishy belly, bigger boobs or bigger bum. Just mind how you go and pray they don’t leak in an unfortunate place. 

5: Loaf of bread – It’s an oldie but a goody! Cut the middle of a loaf of bread out (unsliced will work better) and shove your bottle through it. Security may look at you funny for you having bread at a festival but try not to swig out of the loaf of bread until you’re inside. 

6: Pringle cans – A top tip is to use pringle cans, using food bags with alcohol in, pop them in the bottom and rest some pringles on top. You get to sneak the alcohol in and get a little snack with your drink as a bonus!

7: Reusable water bottles – pop your clear liquids in here (vodka etc) and off you go. Make sure it’s something that doesn’t smell, or you can disguise as a soft drink. This is also easier than trying to take off the lids of plastic water bottles without breaking the seal and you’re saving the environment! Win win. 

8: Running hydration vests – runners use these for water on their long runs but fill it up with your favourite drink and strap to yourself. Make sure it’s taped down securely underneath your clothes (or dress as a runner and pretend you’re marathon training) and you’ll be in. You can also get squishy, reusable drinks pouches and these will fit down your pants or in your bra like the wine bags. 

9: Minis in your boots – another classic tactic – using miniature bottles in your wellies or boots. A cheaper idea if you can get tiny bottles from Amazon rather than buying a load of branded miniature bottles. 

10: Squeeze bottles – the recent pandemic has paved the way for little squeeze bottles of hand sanitiser on carabiner clips. Buy a bulk lot for the group, put hand sanitiser in one and alcohol in another one (make sure you use different colour carabiner clips, so you don’t wash your hands in vodka, or try and down your gel) and then walk in confidently. 

Another tip is to buy too much alcohol and spread it out between your group. At least if one of you does get caught, you still have enough to last you the three or four days you’re there. 

Remember that even though it’s a festival, please drink responsibly, watch out for your mates and have a good time. We all know we deserve it!