One of the best parts of living in London is the access to different cuisines. Filipino food being one of them. The soulful and hearty dishes can be found across the city at various price points. Filipino cuisine offers a wide variety that suits the taste of any individual. If you’re craving a plate of Pork Adobo, or a bowl of sinigang, this list is for you! 

1. Lutong Pinoy 

Lutong Pinoy London

Located on 10 Kenway Road (SW5 0RR), Lutong Pinoy is a well-established restaurant within the Filipino community in London. Founded 25 years ago, Lutong pinoy serves affordable and authentic meals just like back in the Philippines. Their menu is extensive which allows first-timers to try as many dishes as they wish. Lutong Pinoy makes you feel like you’re walking into any other restaurant in the Philippines. 

2. Jollibee 

Jollibee London

With multiple locations in the UK, Jollibee is the largest fast-food chain to come out of the Philippines. They serve traditional quick bites such as chicken joy with spaghetti. Though it seems odd, Filipino spaghetti is a sweet savory side dish to meat. Palabok, Chicken joy, Burger steak – just to name a few of the must-try dishes at Jollibee. Jollibee provides the authentic Filipino fast-food experience, almost as if you were transported to the Philippines when you enter. 

3. Kamayan Sa Earl’s Court 

Kamayan Sa Earl’s Court

Found on 12 Kenway Road (SW5 0RR), Kamayan sa Earl’s Court is another cozy Filipino restaurant that serves authentic yet affordable meals. Serving the city since 2009, Kamayan sa Earl’s Court serves authentic Filipino breakfasts such as boneless bangus (milkfish) served with a plate of garlic rice – just like in the Philippines. Another popular Filipino breakfast to try at Kamayan sa Earl’s Court is Pork Tocino which is also served with a plate of garlic rice. Kamayan sa Earl’s Court is open until late which means that your cravings will surely be satisfied regardless of what time it is!

4. Romulo Cafe 

Romulo Cafe Kensington

Unlike Kamayan Sa Earl’s Court or Lutong Pinoy, Romulo Cafe replicates the fine dining scene in the Philippines. Located on 343 Kensington High Street (W8 6NW), Romulo Cafe serves Filipino food with a modern twist with aesthetically pleasing plating. They offer sharing platters to make visiting the restaurant with friends an interactive experience. The food is not only delicious but also, instagram-worthy! 

5. BBQ Dreamz 

BBQ Dreamz – Bong Bongs

Food Pop-up BBQ Dreamz takes Filipino street food to London. BBQ Dreamz focuses on grilled meats, which are common in the Philippines. Marinated meat and vegetables on skewers grilled to perfection, what else could you want? BBQ Dreamz replicates the street food idea by being a pop-up rather than a physical location which also keeps it exciting. The Pop-Up is event-based so be on the lookout for their next spot! 

Filipino food provides a cozy feeling that always somehow makes you feel like you’re home. The cuisine is extensive with influences from China, Japan, and Spain – meaning that there is a taste for everyone! Thankfully, a wide array of quality Filipino restaurants can be found around London.