After nearly a year away, gyms are back open! Lockdown has put paid to many people’s daily workouts and now is the time to get back out there and get back into the gym to get those gains!

As someone who avoids the gym, I do love a gym meme! I got tired of the selfies in front of the weights bench, groups of young lads crowded round equipment egging each other on to lift 20kg and the women facetiming each other from across the room. Here’s my top ten favourite gym memes that give an insight into the mind of gym bunnies everywhere!

10. Finding out that someone is weaker than you. 

Weightlifting Meme

Everyone loves it when they get to a machine and have to move the weight counter up a few kilograms. Building up your strength is so important so make sure that you don’t go too heavy and potentially cause an injury. If you’re getting back into weights after a couple of months off, do not feel afraid to move the weights down a little until you get used to it. We won’t tell anyone, promise. 

9. What you using, bro?

When you see someone lifting heavier than you.

On the flipside, there are people who are lifting ridiculous weights at the gym that then get the unwanted comments about them using steroids and other drugs. People will use steroids, let’s not shy away from that; however some people will just have worked incredibly hard to build those weights up. Also, get on with your own workout!

 8. Why thank you for noticing those gains!

When someone notices your gains meme

We all love it when people notice when we’ve had our hair done, or we’ve lost weight etc. so gym goers absolutely love it when we notice they have defined muscle mass. Even if it’s a subtle difference, tell your gym friends when you notice! It’ll make their day. 

7. My headphones!

When you forget your headphones at the gym.

This is a terrible state of affairs. Getting to the gym, you’ve carved out time in your busy schedule for your workout, before shower and going out. You’re in the changing rooms, frantically looking around your bag, checking your jacket pockets, checking round your neck (just in case they’re already there) and then… it’s over. You’ve left them behind. They’re in your other jacket, or on the kitchen side, probably with your water bottle that you’ve also forgotten, and you don’t know how to cope with the awful gym music or having to listen to the groan and grunts of other people. Just go home, the workout is ruined. 

6. Look at all the empty equipment! 

When you see all the empty gym equipment.

This will happen rarely at the moment until the post-lockdown high has worn off but don’t you just love it when you walk in the gym at a normally busy time and it’s empty. Like, so empty you’re checking your watch to make sure you’re not meant to be at work, or in bed, and the gym isn’t about to close. 

All the equipment is there for the taking, you can get on a treadmill, use that favourite weights machine for four reps not three and you can even walk around in the changing rooms without being scared by other people’s naked flesh. I’d happily work out in an empty gym! 

5. The noise, oh the noise!

When guys scream at the gym with every rep.

Why do they do this? We can see you lifting really heavy weights. You do not need to announce it by screaming, grunting or shouting your way through three sets of ten reps. It’s ridiculous. I’ve often had to deafen myself with my music to drown this out (also why I no longer go to gyms). Keep the noise down, your fellow gym goers will appreciate it and may even speak to you! 

4. The Post-Christmas gym rush

Gyms in December vs Gyms in January

Argh! Gyms in January are just ridiculous. New Year, New Me! This is not against those who genuinely want to start the year off well and they carry on going after January and February. Gyms are also accountable for putting on great new offers that stop in February. Deciding to work out and get fit can start at any time! Don’t be put off if you start going in Jan and it’s busy constantly, stick with it, or find a gym that’s a little less well-known and will look after you even after January. 

3. Why does everyone look so good and I look a mess?

How I think I look after a workout meme

I am one of these people that assume that after leg or thigh day’ I’ll be able to give Beyonce a run for her money. Oh, how I laugh when I wake up the next day and can barely walk, let alone dance. Not being able to walk is something I’m used to, as a runner, Long Run Day is always a killer! After thigh or leg day, take it easy (do arms or have a rest day) and stretch them out so they don’t seize up. Walking about more than usual will also help. 

2. Treadmills are the enemy

Treadmill Meme

I’m a runner, I only go to the gym in winter, when I need to run and it’s too cold, wet, icy outside. I hate the treadmill but I need them! They are also nearly always busy, the belt is usually loose so it slaps really loudly and you can never get your pace right. Even so, they are handy and I do feel better when I’ve really pushed myself on one. 

1. Gym buddies for life

Gym Buddies meme.

This is being a good gym buddy! Supporting your mates, no matter what their size is so important. You’re all there for a purpose. Whether its to lose weight, gain muscle, get fit, train for something longer-term; you’re there working out and no-one should ever be ashamed of that. Unfortunately, there are people who believe that the bigger people in the gym shouldn’t be there, forgetting that they’re actually there to help themselves and that should be applauded! 

Getting back to the gym may be daunting for you, especially if you’ve been away for so long. Why not look at our top online workouts to get used to working out again before heading into a gym. Take a friend, put on that power playlist and get working out!