Fortnite’s Icon Treatment has just been given to LeBron James, a well-known face.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ trailblazer and Space Jam: A New Legacy star will be inside the game, with a selection of skins starting Wednesday, July 14, two days prior to the film’s premier.

Epic Games will offer two different King James skins as part of the Fortnite package. One is modeled after a regular LeBron and comes with a variety of signature looks, including a game-day look from 2018, while the other is inspired by the all-star player’s Space Jam role. The second features a Tune Squad-embossed jersey, and a casual “Taco Tuesday” look. Each outfit includes a matching version of James’ favorite sneaker, the Nike LeBron 19.

Epic Games stated in a statement that the new skins “blend LeBron’s pregame and on-court personality.”

The skins come with the King’s Back Bling. They can also be bought in bundles that include the Wingspan Glider and Lion Pickaxe. A new taunt, “The Silencer”, is included to honor one of James’ game-time celebrations.

James’ Fortniteinduction is the latest collaboration between the game and a sports legend. After announcing in January a partnership with 23 international clubs, Epic Games released a new set of skins to Neymar Jr.’s soccer star.

Lebron’s Fortnite Skin

Fortnite Lebron James
LeBron’s Fortnite Skins

Players can also dress up as Tune Squad LeBron prior to the premier of Space Jam: A New Legacy, a live-action/animated movie. LeBron takes crunch time to a whole new level when the game is not on the line. The Tune Squad LeBron Outfit celebrates Taco Tuesday. It also includes the LeBron’s Taco Tuesday Style Variant and the Pack Supreme Back Bling. This allows you to take a guac with LeBron.

Le Bron’s Fortnite Weapon Skins

LeBron’s matching Outfits, Back Blings, Lion Pickaxes, and Wingspan Glider feature a progressive edit slider that allows you to add more gold versions of the outfit.

Fortnite King James Bundle

You can’t decide which LeBron look you want to commit to? The King James Bundle combines all of the Outfits (and back Blings) and adds the Court’s in Session Loading screen.