If going to the gym is not for you, fear not! Working out at home has never been easier. Youtube has it’s very own fitness corner with thousands of workouts available. 

Take a look at our favourite channels below and get yourself a funky exercise mat, minimal equipment (small dumbbells, kettlebells and a step are the ones mainly used here), and go for it! 

Please remember to get yourself checked out by a doctor before starting a new exercise regime. 

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene YouTube

Adriene is my favourite yoga teacher online, she specifically does a lot of videos for runners which are perfect for me. She also does workouts for beginners all the way through to expert level. Adriene is a qualified yoga instructor and has playlists for whatever you need, including; Core Strength, Power Wakeup and Abdominal Wall yoga. 

Great for beginners, and especially for those who didn’t think yoga was for them, Adriene is friendly and warm, and of course you can pause the videos if you need to figure out a certain pose! 

The Body Coach – Joe Wicks

The Body Coach – PE Classes on YouTube.

Our favourite PE coach, he kept the nation’s children (and parents) moving during lockdown with his morning PE sessions. His workouts are fun and fresh and his kids often pop up unexpectedly! 

Joe Wicks has plenty of workouts, depending on what you’re looking for and he often adds in his recipes and fitness tips so keep an eye out. There are often guest trainers that come on too which is a nice change.

Les Mills Workouts

Les Mills Workout’s on YouTube

I am a massive advocate for Les Mills. The workouts are fun, easy to complete and the music is on point! The youtube channel has a small selection of their classes for you to try out. Body combat, Barre and Sh’bam are my absolute favourites to do. 

Including a great team of instructors, you feel like you’re in a class ( at the back where it’s safe), but you know you can do the moves. The instructions normally split into two, one team doing the normal moves and another team doing an easier version of them. When it comes to burpees, I always do the easier ones! 

Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell Workout Routine

Toni is a great personal trainer who posts quick workouts on her channel, most of them equipment free (other than a mat). 

She is also a vegan, so her videos are full of handy hints and tips including what she eats in a day, her best substitutes for certain foods and how to stay healthy. Her body positivity is infectious and her workouts are a new favourite on my playlist. 


Popsugar Fitness Videos

These are the most pumped-up, infectious and fun workouts! You cannot stop smiling, even if everything hurts because the instructors are just too happy! They also wear really funky leggings!

With videos ranging from an hour to ten minutes, these are perfect for everyone no matter what their schedule. Dance workouts are always a hit with us, so check out the their 30-minute Cardio Latin Dance wWorkout. 


Blogilates with Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho is one of the most popular pilates instructors on Youtube with over 5 million subscribers. She is fun and fabulous and if I ever need a pick-me-up, I use her quick workouts to just give me a boost. 

She is not just a pilates instructor though, she has tons of different workouts that are 21-day plans to beginner’s workouts and arms and abs challenges. 

Walk at Home With Leslie Sansone

Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone

My mum swears by Walk at Home, it is so easy to do and you don’t need a ton of space! 

Walking for thirty minutes a day is proven to help your physical and mental health so there is no excuse not to do this if you’re a complete and utter newbie to exercise. 

These walking videos are not just for the over 50’s. There are so many people at all different stages of their exercise journey who love these workouts, including myself! 


Fiton Workout App

Like Les Mills, this is an app and on demand service with a reduced library on Youtube. I have used both regularly and they are really good for classes like HIIT and the dance workouts. 

Their channel is packed full of good content and videos from beginners to advanced workouts and with specific plans to target certain areas. 

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif Youtube Fitness

I use Pamela Reif’s videos if I need a quick workout. She is focused, and her abs workouts are fantastic! 

The best workouts are the ones with no equipment, which she has loads of so they are perfect for those with minimal space. Pamela also does live streams so you can do a class with her in real-time. 

Kaleigh Cohen Cycling

Kaleigh Cohen Cycling

Slipping in at the end, is one for the cyclists. The expensive spinning apps are also available on Youtube but Kaleigh Cohen is one that is recommended to me time and time again. 

Another channel who does regular livestream classes which are great for the support network of seeing other people checking in. 

I had no idea spinning classes could be so much fun! I’m off to buy a new bike! 

These are only a small section of exercise videos on Youtube. There are thousands out there but these are the tried and tested ones that I personally use. Exercise has massive mental and physical benefits so find what works for you and set that routine!  Tired of the workout routine and just want a few laughs? Check out our Top 10 funny Gym Meme’s post.