Hef Dutch Hip Hop Legend

Hef is a Dutch hip-hop legend. He has been in the rap game for over a decade, winning awards for albums as well. He is a lyrical rapper who talks about the hustle in his music. Hailing from Rotterdam, he gives off an international vibe which allows you to enjoy his music without knowing the language. 

His music ranges in styles, with some songs being a slower paced to focus on lyrism, while others are more upbeat. 

  • Try Listening to: Kofferbak or Droom 
  • Origin: Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
  • Similar To: J Cole and Kendrick Lamar

Yung Lean

Yung Lean from Stockhol,

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is rapper Yung lean. His debut song, Ginseng Strip 2002 went viral upon its release in 2013. Yung Lean focuses on lyricism and conveying emotion in his music thus making influential waves in the European music scene. Yung Lean has mentioned 50 Cent, and Nas to be his earlier influences in his music career. 

  • Try Listening to: Ginseng Strip 2002
  • Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Similar: “sad boy”-esque. Lil Peep/Juice WRLD vibes

Rejjie Snow 

Rejjie Snow

This Irish rapper is known for the good vibes in his music. He is actually obsessed with France, often making references to the country in his music. He is signed to Elton John’s management, currently making international waves with performances with Kendrick Lamar. His debut song ‘Rejovich’ topped the charts upon its release in 2012, ahead of hit songs by Kanye West and J Cole.

  • Try Listening to: ACID TRIP
  • Origin: Dublin, Ireland
  • Similar to: Tyler the Creator/A$AP Rocky 


Gzuz Rapper from Germany

Hailing from Germany is rapper Gzuz. His name is an acronym for ‘Ghetto-Zeug-unzensiert’ (Ghetto stuff uncensored). He is known for his heavy drill music based around a gangster lifestyle. Often making references to drugs, and violence in his music and espeically in his music videos. Similar to Hef, he is a hip-hop oldie as he has been in the game for well over a decade. He was also a member of German hip-hop group ‘187 Strassenbande’.

  • Try Listening to: Was Hast Du Gedacht 
  • Origin: Hamburg, Germany
  • Similar to: Chief Keef 

ADF Samski

ADF Samski Dutch Rapper

ADF Samski is another Dutch rapper that you should be looking out for. He has been on an uprise since his first release called ‘No Hook’. He is best known for his sample of Modjo’s ‘Lady’ for “No Hook 3’. ADF Samski has a viral flair to his music, making it something that everyone can bump to. He released his first album ‘Fresh Prince Van Noord’ (Fresh Prince from the north) in 2020 filled with hit songs like ‘Bitches ain’t Shit’ and ‘Ik Ben Aan’.

  • Try Listening to: No Hook 3 
  • Origin: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Similar to: Lil Tecca/DaBaby

Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to hip-hop. Often taking American influences and making it their own. Branching out in hip-hop allows for diversity in your music taste. The best thing about music is that you don’t need to understand to enjoy it.