Think of the women who dominated hip-hop in the 90s and 2000s. You’ll think of Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim and Lauryn Hill. Every female rapper was able to have a seat at this table. Even though they were sometimes pitted against one another, everyone had their moment to shine. Nowadays, it is more difficult for multiple female rappers not to be compared or dismissed. Even though the new male rappers are all the same, there is little or no media debate. It’s a totally different story for these female artists.

It is evident in rappers such as Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. These two women are often compared and mentioned in the context of female rap. These two women are setting new standards and breaking records, but there are many female rappers that go unnoticed. The industry is missing the many stories that female rappers have to share through their music.

We are featuring five female rappers who are on the rise to stardom as a challenge to this narrative.

1. Maliibu Miitch

Maliibu Miitch for Nylon Magazine

This Bronx beauty is a mix of smooth vocals and a raspy voice. You’ll be reminded of old school rappers with songs like “Give Her Some Money”, and “Gwapamole.” But you wouldn’t expect her to have the most beautiful voice and the sweetest personality (just look at her ig, if that doesn’t convince you). Her story is different from the rest. Nessa On-Air spoke with the rapper, who said that she was involved in gangs and was sent to Rikers Island for one week. She’s been featured on Island Def Jam, Ruff Rider, and even auditioned to be America’s Next Top Model.

2. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

The 23-year old juggles life as both a rapper and a senior student at Texas Southern University. H-town Hottie, as she is known, exudes power in her music and challenges double standards within her sexually-liberated songs like “Big Ole Freak”, “WTF I Want” and others. Her confidence shines through her music. In an interview she stated that she is confident and cocky in her music and hopes others feel the same.

3. Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty

This 21-year-old eccentric rapper fuses hip-hop and rock to create a unique sound that will have you soaring through her lyrics. She is a rapper you should never mess with, thanks to her unapologetic songs like “Bitchi’m Nasty” or “Smack A Bitch”. Although she doesn’t like to talk about her past, she must admit that she had to deal with the death of her son’s father. She refers to him as her best friend. Before he died, he was not aware of her pregnancy. He is remembered by her song ” Brandon.”

4. Leikeli47


The mysterious Brooklyn rapper prefers to keep her identity a secret. She does however reveal a glimpse of her personal life through her music. Leikeli stated that she wants people to concentrate on her music. She covers her face. Her songs “Girl Blunt,” Money, and “Tic Boom”, will brighten up your playlists.

5. Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack

Whack began her career under the name T Dizzle. She was first known in Philadelphia as a freestyle rapper. Meek Mill and other Philly natives recognized her, but Whack was no longer a freestyler. Whack’s unique sound and alternative records have allowed her to create original music like “Hungry Hippo” and “Mumbo Jumbo”.