Bella Thorne in February 2021 released her new music video for “Shake It” officially marking her continued jump into the music and adult industry again. This time, Bella Thorne has continued to pair up with one of the adult industry’s biggest stars Abella Danger. If you’re wondering – what the video is like – then think of it as a mix between a Tyga video and an Iggy Azalea video. With Abella Danger in the video, you can bet it’s not safe for work, so if you’re thinking of watching it, maybe wait till you get home.

“That” Bella Thorne Music Video

The video has racked up 3.7 million views in only three months at the time of writing, which may seem small, but Bella Thorne has only released three music videos on YouTube. Bella Thorne’s other videos have only gained 3.4 million views in double the amount of time. Does this music video bode as a testament that adult stars are now breaking through to be mainstream? Only time will tell.

Wait, shouldn’t we be talking about the actual music within the “music video” – well, yes. Bella Thorne is heading in the same musical direction as Iggy Azalea. Celebrities quickly realise that music video’s can rack up more money than the actual song itself. As one comment states:

“We’ve seen a Bella Thorne video with Abella Danger, now we just need an Abella Danger video with Bella Thorne.”

Bella Thorne & OnlyFans

Bella Thorne hasn’t taken the plunge into the adult industry just yet. Only recently Bella Thorne was banned from OnlyFan’s after duping her fans on the platform. She actually managed to break the companies algorithm with her mass following. In the process of her joining OnlyFans, she was actually harming the adult industry stars on the platform. Though you could say, Bella Thorne was the one that brought OnlyFans to the mainstream media.

As she continues her collaboration with Abella Danger, we may just start to see glimpses of her breaking into the adult industry. Bella Thorne only recently released a video with Pornhub, a video titled “Her and Him”. “Her and Him” once again pairs Bella Thorne with pornstar Abella Danger being one of the star roles within the film. You can watch it on YouTube here. Bella Thorne may be making more money by just casually adding porn stars to her “music” videos, and keeping them PG.