John McAfee was a British-American computer programmer, who had achieved great success with McAfee’s antivirus software. He was found dead in his Spanish jail cell on Wednesday. He was 75.

On Wednesday afternoon, a government official confirmed that the news was true to Associated Press. Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that the man was being held in Barcelona prison Brians 2 for tax-related charges. Catalan regional police were also investigating the incident.

A Spanish court had ruled Wednesday in McAfee’s favor and ordered him to be extradited to the U.S. for trial. In October 2020 , the U.S. Justice Department stated that McAfee had allegedly hidden cryptocurrency, a yacht and other property in order to evade taxes. McAfee, was arrested in Spain in Oct and could face a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

McAfee’s Rise to Fame

McAfee was born and raised in Virginia. He stated to the BBC that he feels as British as he does American in 2013. Though he had struggled with drugs, and had a tendency to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

He said that most of his bosses had used drug of some sort. He stated, “I was in tech, after all. We were the leading edge of technology and the leading age for personal experimentation.” He later joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and said that he was able successfully to confront addiction.

John David McAfee was born in the UK in 1945. He moved to the US with his family as a young child. His father, John David McAfee beat him mercilessly and then killed himself, according to Steve Morgan. Morgan spent time in Alabama with McAfee to discuss his life in 2016 for a biography that he had been contracted to write. Morgan claimed that McAfee was most emotional when he talked about his father’s passing.

McAfee, who received a bachelor’s in mathematics from Roanoke College in Virginia in 1967, founded his own company two decades later. Morgan stated that he was working with his brother in law at the time and operating a BBS (bulletin board system) to help him get started.

McAfee, who lost a lot of money in the 2008 global financial crash, emigrated to Belize. He cultivated the image as a shirtless, high-end kidnapping new-age medicine kingpin complete with armed bodyguards, and payroll gangsters. McAfee also donated a lot to the local police.

However, Intel, a California chipmaker, bought McAfee’s business in 2011 for $7.68bn. Intel attempted to separate the brand from McAfee’s controversial founder for a while by incorporating it into its larger cybersecurity division. The rebranding failed to last and Intel spun off the cybersecurity unit in 2016 into a new company called McAfee.

John McAfee was offered a job at Lockheed Martin, where he said he became fascinated with computer viruses. He said that he learned how to disinfect computers at Lockheed Martin, which inspired him to create McAfee Associates, in 1987. This company was later purchased by Intel for $7.6 billion USD in 2011. He was also a founder of other ventures in business, including a biotech company in Belize and a Libertarian presidential campaign.