Floyd Mayweather has now seemed to confirm that he was paid $100,000,000 USD for his fake fight against Logan Paul.

After Gervonta Davis, his protege, won the WBA super-lightweight title with an 11th-round knockout over Mario Barrios in the press conference Mayweather made several comments about his recent fight with the YouTuber. The boxing champ was seen laughing and saying, “I’m only person that can fake fight and get 100 million.” He continued to question Leonard Ellerbe, his CEO of the promotion company: “Am I best bank robber?” Because I don’t know anyone in sports my age who can still stick ‘em up like that.

New comments suggesting that Paul’s eight-round match against Paul was fake come just after other videos showing Mayweather holding up the amateur boxer after inadvertently knocking him out. According to the footage, the former can be heard saying “Oh sh*t! This wasn’t in the script!”

Mayweather’s Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather Net worth is $450 Million. He has made more than $1.1 million in his career. When he was just 32 years old, he won $3.2 million. However, if you are talking about huge paydays and money, there are two events

Mayweather 2015, Faced the ‘Pac-Man. In what was probably the most anticipated fight of the decade, the American won. Mayweather won $250 Million.

Fast forward two years later, another major event was hosted by Mayweather. However, he was not a boxer again, but a mixed-martial artist – Conor McGregor. TKO won the fight for ‘Money Mayweather’. Mayweather won $300 million.