Most people are quite protective of their hometown, it’s where they grew up, went to school, had their first kiss, first drink and, where friendships were made and broken. 

It’s why it can hit quite hard when you see your town on the list for fifty worst places to live.

All the places have one thing in common, there are issues with locals, crime and poverty. Read on for our look at the top ten worst places and cross them off your day trip list. 

10. Halifax

Halifax Town Centre

 Ed Sheerean was born in Halifax which is the main reason it’s in the top ten, apparently! Home of the building society with those annoying adverts, it is located in West Yorkshire near Huddersfield and Cleckheaton. It does have it’s redeeming qualities; it is the home of delicious treats like Rolo, Toffee Crisp and Quality Street. 

It is not as lovely as it’s counterpart in Canada and for that I’m sorry. 

9. Torquay

Torquay Town Centre

Known as the English Riviera, this came in as a bit of a shock to the locals and surrounding areas. However, seagulls nabbing chips from children’s hands and the influx of tourists on their ‘Staycation’ has meant it has gone from a lovely seaside town to a southern Blackpool. 

8. Jaywick

Jaywick Town

Originally a place for Londoners to escape to in the 1930s, it has now descended into one of the most deprived areas in England. At huge risk of flooding and with homes falling into disrepair, it is not a place for holiday escapes. More likely to see people escaping from the police .  

7. Luton

Hull Town Centre

A town known for its hat-making and Vauxhall car plant, now the home of EasyJet is at number seven. With plenty of transport links (including London Luton Airport), it should do quite well. However, crime rates, deprivation levels and the fact that it is the birthplace of Charles Bronson and Tommy Robinson, means that its consistently in the ‘worst places to live’ list. 

6. Wakefield

Wakefield, Yorkshire

Unfortunately, Yorkshire towns feature heavily on the list. This could be due to the fact that Yorkshire has been seriously neglected (like most of the North) after mines, steel-works and textile factories were closed down, But enough of the North-South divide!

 The Rhubarb Capital of the UK, with a festival in the fruit’s honour in February and it is the birthplace of our favourite cruise ship singer, Jane McDonald. That is literally all there is to say about Wakefield.

5. Hull

Hull has won the poll three times! It really is the place to go to see row upon row of concrete post-war structures. They really loved concrete high-rises in Hull. 

Despite winning the title of ‘City of Culture’, back in 2017, it is still not seen as a good place to live. High unemployment and crime rates are again, one of the main reasons that it is seen as a town to avoid living in if possible. 

4. Bradford


A land of takeaways, pound shops and pawn shops. It has been on a steady decline over the past few decades, and has fallen out of favour even with the locals. 

Bradford has many claims to fame, but that has not helped with its reputation. The Curry Capital of Britain, home of Zayn Malik from One Direction, and Tasmin Archer are just a few. It also houses the most visited museum outside of London – the National Science and Media Museum (where I spent many a summer day with my Grandma). 

3. Liverpool

Liverpool Town Centre

Ahhh, Liverpool! A place where unless you are wearing a tracksuit, you’re ‘different’ and therefore subject to intense ridicule by those you know. One of the reasons listed as to why this had won the bronze medal, was because half the girls are orange and constantly overdressed, but that is the case for nearly every town in Britain, surely? 

Named as the European Capital of Culture in 2008 (which Liverpool are still dining out on), and home of the Beatles , Liverpool is ‘alright’. Just try not to get lost in the warren of streets near closing time. 

2. Huddersfield

Huddersfield Town Centre

Huddersfield was bound to be here if Bradford and Wakefield were! Another forgotten high street filled with pound shops, coffee shops and a rough-looking clientele. 

Like most towns that were built up after the Second World War, there are more concrete structures than you know what to do with, and plenty of them are empty and dilapidated. 

It has one of the largest lists of ‘notable people born’ in a town that I’ve ever seen whilst researching this, including Zoe Lucker, Sir Patrick Stewart, Jodie Whittaker, Harold Wilson and Gordon Kaye. 

1. Peterborough 

Peterborough Town Centre

The winner for the past three year, Peterborough has come out on top yet again! 

A dreary, isolated place that is forgotten in Cambridgeshire amongst the leafy suburbs and University housing. An old manufacturing town, which has had to repurpose itself into a service-sector town, the old high street is not fit for purpose and the locals can apparently get quite aggressive if you look at them for too long.

It is apparently under regeneration, with a new university being developed and housing. Louis Smith, David Bentley and founder of the Pizza Express chain, Peter Boizot were all born in Peterborough. 

So there we have it, the top ten worst places to live. Obviously, it’s not to be taken seriously and these places do have lots of redeeming qualities (some of which are so well hidden, it was impossible for me to find!). 

Look out for the next poll going live in November, and we’ll be with you for the results for Worst Places to Live in England 2022!