The public auction for the renowned Toyota Supra film vehicle from Fast & Furious has finished– and a new auction record was made.

Fast & Furious tried to capture the significance of the American street competing scene in the 1990s. Everyone understands that the 2JZ inline-six engine can be customized to create a “10-second vehicle,” however as is frequently the instance with motion picture cars, this one is completely stock because they could not run the risk of mechanical problems during shooting.

The vehicle was introduced in the film after Paul Walker’s character “Brian O’Conner” gets the car after his green Mitsubishi Eclipse explodes. Owing Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) a ten-second card, O’Conner locates an entirely written off Toyota Supra Mark IV, however with the 2JZ still undamaged. After the “Mad Mechanic” in the film has worked on it. The car for Paul Walker’s character, the Toyota Supra, is born.

While that was all fiction from the flick, the real details of the car are just as excellent. Constructed by Eddie Paul at The Shark Store in El Segundo, The golden state, this car features the fabulous twin-turbo 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE engine, “Nuclear Gladiator” graphics by Troy Lee Styles, a Bomex body package, APR racing wing, 19-inch Competing Hart M5 wheels, a momo guiding wheel, and a number of assesses. The one drawback is that the cars is in fact a 4-speed automated where the shifter handle was added right into the interior for the flick.

Selling for $550,000 USD at Barrett-Jackson’s Las Vegas auction, this flick car (showing up in both Fast & Furious and also 2 Fast 2 Furious) currently holds the record for many pricey Supra ever marketed and also was marketed with official documentation certifying its authenticity.