Friday Night Dinner – not to return

When the sad news dropped in April that Paul Ritter, the funny and insufferable Martin in Friday Night Dinner, had passed away; a whole army of Friday Night Dinner fans mourned. He was everyone’s favourite dad, constantly half-naked and driving his poor wife, Jackie (played by the hilarious Tamsin Greig), and their two children, Adam and Jonny, up the wall. 

It was therefore inevitable that the show would end with series six. Numerous shows have carried on when one of their main characters passes away (8 Simple Rules springs to mind), but I do not think this one could have survived without Martin being daft and the constant shouts of “Martin!” from Jackie. 

Series six actually did a great job of tying everything up and another series may have been a bit redundant anyway. 

The house had its own starring role, being the focus point for nearly every episode and as it’s as famous as the cast themselves, let’s go and have a look! 

The Friday Night Dinner House

As we all know, Friday Night Dinner is the hilarious comedy that centres on a family coming together on a Friday, for the Jewish Shabbat. Paul Ritter played Martin Goodman, dad and comedic genius who always called the meal a ‘lovely bit of squirrel, Jackie’, Tamsin Grieg is Jackie Goodman, Martin’s long suffering wife and I feel she has her work cut out with her boys, Jonny and Adam played by Tom Rosenthal and Simon Bird, respectively. 

The writer and producer, Robert Popper has said that it does reflect his own secular Jewish upbringing and that the area where the Goodmans live is similar to where he grew up. 

The family are often joined by their hapless next-door neighbour, Jim and there’s always a catastrophe that threatens Jackie’s planned meal. 

Who Plays Jim in Friday Night Dinner? 

Our favourite neighbour, Jim, is played by Mark Heap. He does a fantastic job of being the nosiest neighbour that the Goodmans’ struggle to get rid of. His dog, Wilson, is nearly always with him even though Jim seems genuinely petrified of him! 

Where is Friday Night Dinner Filmed? 

The show was filmed in the Mill Hill area of London, using a real house for the majority of the scenes. The house is currently worth around £1.5 million according to Zoopla, which is double the value that it was bought for in 2004! 

Using a proper house for the show is a stroke of genius, you really get that family dynamic that you don’t get if it’s all on set, you have to deal with the hallway being too small and crowded and it’s easier to film scenes where they move upstairs or into other rooms. As Grieg said in an interview “It’s not an easy show to film, we are in a house and it’s like a Jewish Big Brother.” 

The house is not up for sale, sorry if you were thinking of snapping up a bit of comedy real estate!  

Where is Friday Night Dinner Set? 

The show is set in suburban North London. They often refer to different parts of the town and there are some episodes that take place in different locations round the town. 

How Many Seasons are there?

There are six seasons of Friday Night Dinner, the sixth series is also the last series. 

Whilst it’s sad that we won’t get any more “FND” fun, you can watch it all over again on Netflix (the first five series) or All 4. 

If you’re a FND fan, you may enjoy Clarkson’s Farm which gives off some of the same comedy vibe’s as Friday Night Dinner.