Jeremy Clarkson has just released his brand new Amazon Prime show “Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm”. It brings together Jeremy who had no prior knowledge of farming (by his own admission in a recent interview) with the day to day challenges of the farming life. The trailer is full of the usual Jeremy Clarkson hi jinx, revving up a tractor down to slipping in mud.

When does Clarkson’s Farm Air?

The new show is set to air on 11th June, 2021 in the United Kingdom and globally. If you’re a Jeremy Clarkson fan, it’ll be right up your street. It catches the ups and downs of farming during the covid-19 19 pandemic, and by the sounds of it is generally heart warming and funny TV. Myself and the Dailytap team are genuinely looking forward to watching it.

What about the Grand Tour?

Even though everyone is waiting for the next Grand Tour this should tide us over in between seasons – if it’s successful and becomes a renewed. Jeremy recently said in an interview with DriveTribe “I’m looking forward to people’s reactions to it because it’s like nothing I’ve done before. Nobody falls over, nobody catches fire, nobody explodes. It’s a quiet genteel look at how farming is done and how I react to it. It’s a nice programme. And there are some amazing facts about farming.”

This is a huge lifestyle change for Jeremy Clarkson, from the race track to the pig sty. His farm is a real working farm with a farm shop, you can even go and buy the usual eggs, bacon and veggies. (No guarantees you’ll be greeted by Jeremy himself on your visit though. But some have been lucky!). Jeremy described his dramatic lifestyle change to an interviewer “Well it wasn’t fun. Nobody likes killing an animal. You’d be deranged. You’d be a sociopath! But you’ve got to experience the business.”

The early previews of the new farming show has already been reviewed and has received wide praise for it’s country file meets top gear vibe. Hopefully, Jeremy keeps it up and is able to keep releasing The Grand Tour and his new comedy Farm show.

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime (and you live under a rock) you can sign up using the below link, as well as Prime Video you’ll also get next day delivery included.

You can watch the brand new trailer for “Farm by Jeremy Clarkson” below

Jeremy and the Grand Tour boys will be back later this year with a brand new season, by the looks of it – it’s in Scotland.