We are looking for content that inspires our audience to think, laugh and act. We’d love to see and read your story. We publish articles ranging from 600 to 2,500 words depending on the subject matter. 1500 words is the average. Articles can be informal in tone or content.

What we are looking for

A rough draft, partial draft or a brief pitch may be submitted. This is a paragraph or two that summarizes your argument and why it matters for our readers. We will give you more feedback the more detailed your submission.

Remember that we accept only original content. We don’t publish any that has been published elsewhere, including on your blog.

How to submit and what happens next

We prefer submissions to be Google documents so editors can provide guidance and feedback directly in your draft. We can also accept plaintext files, Markdown files, and links to HTML documents.

Our Guest Posting Submission Process

  • Your submission will be reviewed by an editor who will decide if it is a good fit. If it is, an editor will review your submission and determine if it’s a good fit. The whole team will then discuss the matter. This occurs once per week.
  • Accepted. Once all revisions have been completed, we’ll schedule your publication. We cannot give you a publication date until the article has almost gone live.